Define drip chart meds


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To access the drip chart editor:

Click File | Edit database | Drip chart meds from the menu bar


The edit drip chart meds function is used to:

Edit any of the drip chart meds
Add your own drip chart meds
Delete any drip chart med



This function is password protected. Kinetics ships without a password. The first time you access the edit drugs function it will ask for a password and then ask you to reenter to confirm it.  Thereafter, this will be the password required to access the edit drugs  functions, so choose one that you can easily remember.


Database navigation bar



Understanding how to use the database navigation bar is the key.  While the program is running, hold the mouse pointer over an icon and a tool tip pops up to tell you its function.


Command buttons

There are two command buttons along the bottom of the edit window.

To delete a drip chart med, click on the Delete button. Caution: once a record is deleted it cannot be recovered, even with the Cancel button!
Click the Exit button to close this dialog and return to the main Kinetics screen.


Drug names

You cannot have two drugs  in the database with exactly the same name.  If you try to add two drugs with the same name you will get an error message.



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