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Unfortunately, due to their complexity, unforeseen errors are inevitable in Windows programs.


This dialog gives you the opportunity to recover and report errors with the Kinetics© program.




Error recovery

To recover from an unexpected error, first click the Retry button.
If the error persists, click Ignore.
If a second attempt at Ignore is unsuccessful, it may be necessary to Exit the program. Before exiting, please send the error report to RxKinetics.


Error reporting

Click the Email button to send a report to RxKinetics.  This options only works if you have a default email client assigned by Windows.  If you do not have a default email client, this button will not work.  If that is the case, please attach the error log in an email to support@rxkinetics.


Troubleshooting error messages

The dialog contains a link to the RxKinetics website which contains tips for troubleshooting error messages.


Fatal errors

Some errors indicate a "broken" install and require Kinetics to be re-installed from the CD, these errors include:


Error 20

Unanticipated error in ddoc.bas

Error 48

File not found: ddoc32.dll

Error 91

Object variable or block variable not set

Error 339

Component or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered.

Error 367

Can't load (or register) custom control

Error 424

Object required

Error 429

Active-X component can't create object

Error 524

Data type conversion error

Error 3041

Can't open database with previous version

Error 3446

Jet VBA file missing

Error 3633

Can't load DLL

Error 31037

Error loading from file



Database error

Some database errors are reported with the following message:





To recover from a database error, follow the instructions on the error dialog and click Ok.  If the same error occurs with annoying frequency, contact RxKinetics.



Web site FAQs

The latest information on troubleshooting error messages is found on the RxKinetics web site FAQ page:



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