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Enter 3 initials to login. You may use any combination of alpha or numeric characters.   If these initials are not found in the user database (they won't be the first time, obviously) the program will let you add your login data.  This is referred to as an "open" login policy.



Each time you log in, the Kinetics program saves your initials and the date and time.  Recording who accesses the patient database is something required by HIPAA.  Combining this feature with a strict PC security policy will allow you to meet HIPAA privacy requirements.



When you log in, Kinetics automatically places your name as the Consultant on the "Care plan" tab, and your title appears on the print outs.



Open vs Closed Login

Login may be open or closed.  The default policy is "open", that is, a new user can add his own log in.  Contrast this to a "closed" login policy which requires someone with knowledge of the password to add new users.  You select open vs closed login on the setup window.  User data maintenance is performed on the User database window.



Log out

You can quickly log out of Kinetics with the key combination Ctrl+O, this takes you back to the login screen without exiting the program.




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