Network considerations


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Multiuser support

Kinetics© supports database file sharing so that any number of users are able to open the patient, consult, and drug model tables at the same time. To prevent corruption of these database tables in a multiuser environment, file and record level locks are incorporated.


Record locking

Kinetics© utilizes an optimistic locking scheme.  Because the Microsoft Jet database does not support individual record locking, the patient record is locked only while the record is being saved.  Although the likelihood of two user's modifying the same record is remote, you should be aware of the possibility.  In other words, it is possible for two people to be modifying the same patient record at the same time.  In this situation, the "last one to save wins".


Database maintenance

All other users must be logged off in order to perform the routine database maintenance chores, if not, you will receive an error message:



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