Pharmaceutical care plan


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Click this tab or use the Keyboard shortcut Alt+M to enter the consultant's name, the pharmaceutical care plan, and the approximate dollar savings from the intervention.


Consultant name

This required field is populated from your log-in information.


Pharmaceutical care plan

This field is optional.  The pharmaceutical care plan is printed on the consult form, it may be edited or completely deleted.


The care plan that ships with Kinetics© is basically just a skeleton that you may expand on because plans will differ depending on the practice setting in which the program is being used. Acute care, homecare and long term care all have different monitoring parameters and schedules.


The default care plan for an individual drug may be edited on the edit drug model screen.



Select any of these "canned comments" to print on the consult form.


Cost savings from the intervention

This field is optional.  The dollar savings may be edited and the default may be changed on the setup screen. Monetary savings are saved in the consults table, and may be tabulated in the Reports function for reporting to administration.



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