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To print a consult form:

Click on the Print icon and select Consult
Select Print Consult form from the menu bar, OR
Use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+F


The consultant's name must be entered on the pharmaceutical care plan tab before printing.


Copy to clipboard

Optionally you may choose to copy the consult to the Windows clipboard. This is useful for subsequent pasting into the EMR using the standard Windows paste command Ctrl+V.


To copy the consult to the clipboard:

Right click on the Print icon, OR
Select Print | Consult to Clipboard from the menu bar.


Ideal dose

An "ideal dose" is printed on the form, however, the doses calculated by the computer are not practical and may be confusing to those who read the consult form.  Click on the Print Menu or enter the Setup window to suppress printing of the ideal dose.


Serum level graph

A plot of the expected steady-state serum levels is printed for 1 and 2 compartment drugs.  Click on the Print Menu or enter the Setup window to suppress printing of the graph.


Print preview

To preview the consult before printing, click Print consult via the menu bar.

To bypass the preview and print immediately, click the print icon.


The preview window has seven command buttons:


Exit the preview window

First page (only active in multi-page reports)

Previous page

Next page

Last page

Jump to page

Print the report



It is important that you print preview your interventions because it is at this point that the program saves the dose and patient information to the consult file.  This allows you to view all of the previous consults for the patient and enables you to prepare clinical and workload reports. Remember: printing is the trigger to save.




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