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To view a steady-state serum level plot of the currently entered drug regimen:

Click on the Graph icon
Select View Graph from the menu bar, OR
Use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+G


Serum level graph

The serum level graph is printed on the consult form unless you deselect it in the Setup options.




The recommended dose and interval may be edited in order to visualize other dosing scenarios:

Click the Draw button to redraw the graph with new dose and interval
Click the Revert button to change back to original dose and interval


The serum level graph may be re-scaled by clicking on the arrow buttons:

Bottom left (Y-axis)
Bottom right (X-axis).
Click the Revert button to return to default scaling


Click the Close button to return to the main Kinetics dialog.


EI nomogram graph

The EI nomogram is displayed when utilizing the Extended interval method for aminoglycosides.

Interval break points are labeled and the measured level is show in red.




Graph scaling is disabled with the EI nomogram.



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