Your first consult


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The basic steps to create a dosing consult are:


1.Retrieve or enter patient data
Type in a patient name or MRN and press Enter
Use an asterisk for wild card search, i.e., "Smith*" or "123*"
Or leave search blank and press Enter to list all patients alphabetically



Click the add icon to create a new patient record.

The add icon is only visible after a search has been attempted



2.Select a drug model from the drop down selection box.



3.Select dosing method

Click the Prospective dosing or Serum level analysis tab.



4.Calculate ideal dose
Prospective dosing: the program automatically displays ideal dose.
Retrospective dosing: enter the serum level data and the dose from which the data was derived then click the calculate button.



5.Enter a recommended dose and interval.



6.  Click on the Pharmaceutical care plan tab to edit the default comments.



7.Print a consult form



Click the print icon on the tool bar.




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