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Major changes in Kinetics© version 2.3:


1. Added simplified patient retrieval.
2. Added MRU list of most recent patients accessed.
3. Added direct print via icon, or preview via menu.
4. Added Copy consult to clipboard with right click on print icon.
5. Added IDMS Srcr adjust & setting.
6. Added IDMS for MDRD & adjust to BSA.
7. Added Minimum SrCr setting.
8. Added Evaluate dose by weight tool.
9. Added Levels scheduler tool.
10. Added Patient database cleanup (merge duplicate records).
11. Added word doc template for Monitor printing.
12. Improved EI nomogram graph.


Minor changes in version 2.3:

1.Added duplicate MRN check.
2.Disabled MRN editing after retrieval..
3.Added fuzzy name check to prevent complete name change.
4.Added realtime X, Y graph scaling.
5.Added extrapolated Peak/Trough display/printing with Bayesian.
6.Added T90% and T95% to consult printout.
7.Added MRN to tabulation reports.
8.Added tips for levels date/time entry.
9.Changed EI retrospective consult to print nomogram instead of SS plot.
10. Added error trap for corrupted database with automatic recovery.
11. Added support for dual monitors (2.3.4)
12. Added save window size/position for each user (2.3.5)
13.Added automatic check for update availability (2.3.6)



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