KinPlot© is a tool for learning pharmacokinetic concepts by visualizing the effects that various parameters have on serum levels, leading to a better understanding of drug regimen design.


This web application requires a modern web browser which supports Javascript and HTML5. Examples include: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, or Safari.

All inputs are required:


After entering all model inputs, click the Graph button to view a serum level plot. The plot shows the approach to steady-state for a 1-compartment open model.


Three buttons appear along the top of the page.

Two buttons appear along the bottom of the model parameter inputs.

Graph data grid

The color-coded grid along the bottom of the graph lists all inputs for the current series of graphs.


To calculate serum levels for a one compartment intermittent infusion:
    Peak = [Dose / (tinf x Vd x Kel)] x [(1 - e-Kel x tinf) / (1 - e-Kel x tau)]
    Trough = Peak x e-Kel x (tau-tinf)
        Dose = chosen dose in mg
        tau = chosen dosage interval in hours
        tinf = infusion time in hours
        Vd = volume of distribution in liters
        Kel = elimination rate constant = 0.693/half-life


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