Print monitoring forms

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During entry of a new intervention, the RxInterventions program may be used to print monitoring forms.


After entering the intervention information, select a monitoring form in the "Print to" drop down, then click "Export". This will save the intervention and print out a monitoring form, filled in with the patient name, MRN, and physician.



A monitoring form is any Microsoft Word document stored in the same folder as the RxInterventions program.


The form may be of any design you wish, but it must be in Microsoft Word format.


Before printing the program will search through the Word file and replace fields with patient specific data.


The following fields are supported by RxInterventions:


Field name:

Replaced by:


Patient name




Physician name


Hospital area


Today's date


Example monitoring forms are included with the program. You can use these as examples for your own monitoring forms.




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