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Important: before using RxInterventions you must set up the lookup tables.


The lookup tables contain the names of the physical areas of your hospital, the intervention codes you wish to use, the names of staff physicians, and the names of staff pharmacists.


Edit the lookup tables via the menu tree:

1.Click "File".
2.Click "Edit lookup tables".
3.Then click the table you wish to edit:
Area data : the physical areas of your hospital.
Code data : the intervention categories your pharmacy uses.
Physician data : Names of physicians. *Physicians may also be added "on-the-fly" as you enter interventions.
User data: the names of pharmacists who have access to RxInterventions.



Lookup table editing is password protected. Please note:

The program ships without a password.
The first time you access the database maintenance or edit drug models functions you will be prompted for a password.
Thereafter, this will be your password required to access these password-protected functions, so choose one that you can easily remember.
lf you should lose or forget your password, contact the author for help in recovering it.


For more information please see these topics:

Area data maintenance

Codes maintenance

Physician data maintenance

User data maintenance




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