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To edit the user lookup table, via the menu tree:

1.Click "File".
2.Click "Edit lookup tables".
3.Then click "User data"


New user window

All fields are required.
The users password is not displayed in this dialog, it is set by the user.
If the log in is "closed", this dialog is the only means of entering a new user.




Browsing the database

The row of buttons along the top of the dialog are used to browse through the user database.


The first four buttons are navigation buttons, from left to right:

Move to first record
Move to previous record
Move to next record
Move to last record


The last four buttons control editing functions:

Add a new record
Edit current record
Save current record
Cancel edits of current record


Open vs Closed Log in policy

The log in to RxInterventions© may be open or closed.
The default policy is "open", i.e., a new user can add his own log in information.
Contrast this to a "closed" log in policy which requires someone with knowledge of the database password to add new users.
To close the log in, select the "Closed" check box.



Lost Password

If a user has lost or forgotten their password, it may be reset by this dialog.

Click the Reset button to reset the user's password to blank.

He or she then enters a new password at their next log in.


De-activating a user

To maintain data integrity, you cannot delete a user.

If you need to inactivate a user, uncheck the "User is active" check box.






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