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Window Layout

RxInterventions is laid out like a spreadsheet with three main bands. Within each band are detail columns.

Patient information


Intervention description






The main window, the bands, and the individual columns may all be resized to suit your preference. When you exit RxInterventions, these settings will be saved until the next time you use the program.


Intervention display


The initial display is a listing of all pending interventions only.

To view all interventions, uncheck the "Pending only" box.


Filtering the grid

To filter the grid, first check the "Filter" box, then select the filter criteria.

For example, a decentralized pharmacist may choose to view only those interventions pertaining to patients within his/her area.


Sorting the grid

To sort the grid by a particular column, click on a column title.
To reverse the sort order, click the column title again.
You may sort by any of the grid's thirteen columns.


Command row

Above the intervention display is a row of command buttons, check boxes and drop down selectors for filtering the display.




Click to add a new intervention.


Click to save an edited intervention row.


Click to refresh the grid after saving.


Click to search for an intervention.


Search is a separate topic covered here:

Searching for an intervention




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