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To view and edit previously entered data

Click on the desired date from those displayed in the treeview along the left side of the main window.


To enter a new assessment

Click the "New assessment" icon on the toolbar or click "New/Assessment" on the menubar.


The program will first ask you to enter a date, if data is already entered for that date you will be taken to the edit screen, otherwise, you may begin entering data for that date.


Weight used

Enter the patient's weight on the day of the assessment.  The program then calculates ideal weight, modified weight, and Basal energy expenditure.


Stress/ activity factor

Select a stress / activity factor, based on the patient's current condition.

No stress

 1.1 x BEE

 Bed rest, simple starvation

Little stress

 1.3 x BEE

 Elective surgery

Mild stress

 1.5 x BEE


Moderate stress

 1.7 x BEE

 Multiple trauma

Severe stress

 2.1 x  BEE

 Major burn


Calorie requirements

Choose whether to calculate requirements based on metabolic formula's, or by weight only.


Editing the calculated requirements

You may choose to fine tune the results of the calculations.  For example, if your patient is in acute stress but has a good reserve of protein, you may, based on your clinical experience, wish to recommend a lower protein intake than that calculated by the program..


Command buttons

Click the "Save" button to save any changes.

Click the "Close" button to exit without saving.

Click the "Delete" button if you wish to delete the current assessment data.


Basic steps involved in a nutritional needs assessment:

1.Calculate Basal Energy Expenditure (i.e., Basal Metabolic Rate).
2.Determine the patient's activity/stress factor.
3.Determine caloric needs by multiplying BEE x activity/stress factor.
4.Give approximately 60% to 80% of caloric requirement as glucose.
5.Give remaining caloric requirement as fat.
6.Determine daily protein requirement based on activity/stress factor.
7.Determine daily fluid requirement based on caloric needs.
8.Weigh the patient daily, reassess needs at least twice weekly.


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