Fax cover sheet


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This function allows you to print a cover sheet to accompany faxes of orders or follow-up consults.


Fax type

First select the type of information you will be faxing:

Initial order
Follow-up note
Lab result


Action requested

What do you want to convey with the information?  Is this a note that the order is okay, or are you requesting a change in therapy?


Rx type

If the patient has both TPN and Enteral Rx's on file, you must choose which one you are referring to.


Number of pages

How many pages are you faxing?



Who is receiving this fax?


Cover sheet note

This information is pulled from the Fax cover notes database.  You may edit the default note that is pulled in here.


Recommendation note

This depends on your "Action requested".  Again, this may be edited with more specific information.


Click "Print" to print the Fax Cover Sheet, or click "Cancel" to exit without printing.




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