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To enter the setup dialog use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S,  or click "File/Setup" from the menubar.



Because this function is so powerful, it is password protected.  The program ships without a password.  The first time you access setup you will be asked for a password, and then asked to re-enter to confirm it.  Thereafter, this will be the password required to access the setup and database maintenance functions, so choose one that you can easily remember.  If you should lose or forget your password, contact the author for help in recovering it.


Database folder

This should not be changed unless you physically change the location of your database, for example, if you were to install the database on a network server.


Compounder folder

This is the folder that you wish to use to enable data transfer to the compounding software.



Select the RxKinetics program you wish to use for pharmacokinetic drug dosing.
Supply the path to the program.


Height/weight system

Select your usual system for entering patient height and weight, metric or US.


Compounder station settings

Check whether you wish to print the compounder settings on the TPN worksheet and select the usual station settings for your macro-nutrient compounder.


Compounder link

Select which compounder, if any, you wish to provide a data link to.


TPN label

Select whether you wish to print the base components as Final % or as Component % (and volume).


Check if you wish to have outpatient as the default style.


Enter your standard TPN hang time.  Please note that you may select a different hang time for any TPN you enter.


Pharmacy  information

Manager name and Manager title will appear in the header of all reports that you print.

Pharmacy address, telephone and fax will appear on all reports and labels that you print.


TPN components

Please see the topic, TPN component maintenance.




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