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Click the Base tab to create the base solution, the most important step in TPN entry.


Tip: work with this form as you would a printed page, start at the upper left hand and read across then down.


Patient's calculated requirements

This information is based on the patient's most recent assessment, if you have not entered an assessment, no information will be displayed, and you will be forgoing one of the best features of this program, the ability to individualize a TPN based on the patient's nutritional needs.


Enter target values

This is the basis of the base solution calculations.  Carefully examine the patient's calculated  requirements and enter reasonable target values for daily calories and daily protein.



If  you wish to provide lipid as a caloric source, please select the percentage and volume.

Include in TPN base %

Normally this box is checked, so that lipid is included in the total base percentage.  Uncheck this box to permit conversion of a "traditional" TPN to a 3-in-1.  For example, your patient is currently receiving a 2 liter base solution of AA 4.2% and Dextrose 20%.  500ml of 10% Lipid is infusing separately.  You wish to convert to a 3-in-1 for patient convenience.  First, uncheck the "Include lipid" checkbox, then enter the % and amount of Lipid.  Finally, click the Optional base entry button to enter the base solution by final %.



Choose the percentage of dextrose you wish to compound the TPN with.  The dextrose volume is based on the calorie target you entered minus the calories from fat.  However, you may override the calculated volume, for example, if you wish to round the volume off to a measurable volume.


Amino acid

You may select the percentage of amino acid, depending on the brand you selected on the Type tab.  The amino acid volume is based on the protein target you entered.  Again, you may override the calculated volume if need be.


Total base volume

You may enter a specific total base volume, or let the program calculate a minimal volume (no added water).


Infusion rate

You may enter a specific rate, or let the program calculate the rate based on the infusion time and total volume.


TPN provides

This is a mini-summary of the nutritional content of the currently entered TPN.  The values displayed here are calculated in real time as you enter the TPN.

Include nutrients from enteral feeding

If the patient also has an enteral Rx entered, you may select to include those macro-nutrients in the total.  For example, this is checked when a patient transitioning from TPN to enteral feedings.


Optional base entry

Click the "Light bulb" icon within the Target calories frame to enter the base solution components by either of the following methods:

Final %


Click here for more information on Optional base entry.




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