TPN pathway electrolytes


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Click on the Lytes tab to enter daily electrolyte additives.


You selected how to enter electrolytes on the Pathway base tab.


Electrolytes by salt

This is the least complicated entry method,  just enter the lytes from the order.


Electrolytes by cation/anion

When you choose to enter the constituent cations and anions, you must balance the cations.


First, choose the anion you wish to balance with, either Acetate, Chloride, or both.  Then click the "Balance" button.


A message will be displayed if the electrolytes are already in balance.  If you wish to have a different mix of anions, clear out the Chloride and Acetate entries then click the balance button, or enter your own mix manually.


The order of the balance routine is:

1.  Balance Phosphate with available Sodium.

2.  Balance remaining Sodium with Chloride first (if selected), then Acetate.

3.  Balance remaining Sodium with Acetate (if selected).

4.  Balance Potassium with Chloride first (if selected), then Acetate.

5.  Balance remaining Potassium with Acetate (if selected).




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