TPN pathway data maintenance


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TPN pathways are "shortcuts" created and maintained by you to help speed entry of commonly ordered TPN's.


To display a previously entered pathway

Click on the desired pathway name shown in the drop down list.


To enter a new pathway

Click the "New pathway" icon on the databar.

Click the "Cancel" icon to cancel entry of a new pathway.

Click the "Save" icon to save the new entry.


There are three basic steps to a TPN pathway: the base solution, electrolyte additives and other adds.   Click the "Next" and "Back" buttons to step through pathway entry, or click on the tabs along the top of the pathway entry to skip to a specific data entry point.


Command buttons


View context sensitive help


Exit pathway maintenance without saving.


Move to the previous step


Move to the next step


Save the pathway



Pathway tabs





Other adds




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