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Normal: < 160mg/dl (< 2.09 mmol/L)


TPN relevance

Serum triglyceride measurements are useful indicators of lipid tolerance in patients receiving IV lipids.


Hyperlipidemia: Greater than 250 mg/dL



Primary and secondary hyperlipoproteinemias.
Intolerance to IV lipids.
Acute pancreatitis.



Triglyceride levels occasionally become persistently elevated in patients receiving continuous infusions of IV lipids.  At very high levels (greater than 1000 mg/dl) triglycerides appear to precipitate pancreatitis.


TPN correction:

Consider cyclical administration of lipids over 12-18 hours a day to give the liver a chance to rest from the fat load.  Heparin may facilitate faster metabolism of chylomicrons and reduce triglyceride levels.




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