User additive maintenance


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This function is used to maintain a set of additives which you define yourself.


The additives are editied in a grid, a simple, but powerful editor.  A word of warning: you can easily screw up your database if you are not careful here!


To add a new additive, click the Add icon.


To edit an additive in the list, click the Edit icon.


To save your changes, click the Save icon, or move from the current row.


To cancel without saving your changes, click the Cancel icon.

Please note: cancel only works if you have not moved off the current row


To delete an additive:

Select the row, hold down the "Ctrl" key while pressing the "Delete" key on your keyboard.




35 characters to describe the additive


5-4-2 format, ex: 11111-2222-33


Select from the drop down list

Units per ml

Strength in units per ml


Select if the additive is to be included in the electrolyte pool bag.




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