Data bar

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Click on the data bar icons to perform various database functions.




Pausing the mouse pointer over an icon will display a tooltip describing its function.  Keyboard shortcuts are provided for most database functions.



Databar icon functions

Active databar icons are blue, disabled icons are "greyed-out".







First label

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+Up arrow

The quick entry database is sorted alphabetically by generic name..  Click this icon to jump to the first label in the database.


Previous label

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+Left arrow

Click this icon to move to the previous label in the database.


Add a new label

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+A

Click the add icon to create a new blank label record. Please note: until the new record is saved or canceled all other program functions are disabled.


Cancel changes

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+C

Click this icon to cancel changes to label data or to cancel entry of a new label.


Save label

Keyboard shortcut = None

Click this icon to save the current label record.  This icon is only enabled during edit or add mode.


Edit label

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+E

To change label data, click the edit icon. Please note: until the changes are saved or canceled all other program functions are disabled.


List labels

Keyboard shortcut = None

Click to view an alphabetical listing of quick entry labels.


Delete  label

Keyboard shortcut = None

Click to delete the current record. Caution: a deleted record cannot be recovered:


Seek label

Keyboard shortcut = Alt + S

To retrieve a specific label from the database, click on the binocular icon to bring up the Seek dialog box.


Seek next match

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+N

Searches forward in the database for the next matching label.


Next label

Keyboard shortcut = Alt + Right arrow

Move to the next label in the database.


Last label

Keyboard shortcut = Alt + Down arrow

Move to the last label in the database.



The seek dialog is displayed after clicking one of the seek buttons.  To find a label, enter the first few letters of the drug name, select the field to search, and click Find.



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