Defaults setup

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Database path

If you change the location of the database, you can point to it with this setting.  For example, if you wish to share the database over a LAN you can place the database file (labels.mdb) on a common server.  Please do not change this setting unless you are sure of what you are doing.



Click on the drop down list to select a font for printing labels.  The program displays all True Type fonts available on your system.


The default font is "Uniform Ultra Condensed", however, you may choose any True Type font which is installed on your PC.


Many True Type fonts come with Windows, others may be purchased or download from the internet. Free True Type fonts may be found at the web site:  Please note: installation of fonts is beyond the scope of this help file, please refer to Windows documentation.


Maximum expiration date

The calculated expiration date is the current date plus this setting, or the manufacturers expiration date, whichever is less.  Current USP guidelines recommend a maximum expiration date of 12 months, acceptable range is 1 to 12 months.


Enable barcode

Click on the check box to enable barcode printing.  When selected, this setting enables the NDC number input on the main screen.  The NDC number is encoded in the barcode.


Barcode style

Click on the drop down list to select the barcode style which matches your barcode reader.  UD Labels© supports several  barcode formats to match the inputs required by  your barcode scanning software.


The default barcode style setting is Code 128, the most commonly used linear barcode style. Other linear styles include: Interleaved 2 of  5, Codabar, UPC-A, and Code 93.


UD Labels© also supports DataMatrix, a two dimensional barcode format. DataMarix is a small 3/8" square 2D barcode. As mentioned above, you must ensure that both the barcode scanner and your scanning software is able to read this format.


Use ActiveX

A check in this box means that barcodes are printed using the barcode ActiveX control.  This is the default setting and works most of the time.


However, depending on the size of your label, you may experience a problem with small barcodes which cannot be read. Uncheck this box to use the alternate method of barcode printing.  The alternate method creates a barcode of one size only: 1 3/8 inches wide x 3/8 inch tall.  If you use the alternate method you must ensure that the labels you are printing are of sufficient size.


Open recent labels from previous __ days

Set the number of days to search previous labels for re-opening. This is a quick way to reprint wasted labels or to copy a recently packaged med.  The default is 2 days, acceptable range is 1 to 7 days.

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