Label entry

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Enter the information for the medication you are packaging.

Use the Tab key to move between fields.

To speed data entry, use the quick entry utility for commonly packaged drugs.


Generic name

Do not enter more characters than you can see in the text box.
If you need to enter a long description, do not use all capital letters, as they take up more space than lower case letters.
Use abbreviations for less important parts of generic name (ie, HCl instead of hydrochloride).


Trade name        

The trade name is not required.
For generic drugs, you may enter "TradeName equiv" for clarification


Supplemental labeling

The supplemental labeling is not required.
Use this field to clarify the package contents, i.e., "5mg = ½  tab".


NDC number

NDC entry is enabled when you check "Print NDC barcodes" on the Setup window.
Enter numbers only in the NDC field.
Do not enter spaces or dashes.
The NDC number may contain 10, 11 or 12 digits.
The NDC number will be converted into a barcode on your label.


Control number

The control number cannot be edited.
It is determined by the Labels program and is derived from the Month, Day, last digit of the year, and a sequential number for the packaging day.


Expiration date

The USP expiration date is 1 year from the packaging date or the manufacturers expiration date, whichever is less.
You may override the calculated date by simply typing in the desired date.


Number of labels to print

If you wish to log a compounded product without printing any labels, enter the number of units packaged then enter a zero for number of labels to print.
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