Quick entry list

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To view an alphabetical list of available quick entry labels:

Click on the list icon
Select Open | Quick entry from the menu bar, OR
Use the keyboard shortcut, Ctl+Q


Click on the scroll bar to move through the list, or you may use the Up and Down arrow keys or the PageUp and PageDown keys on your keyboard.


To retrieve a label

The default retrieval is by NDC number.
Therefore, if you have a scanner attached to the PC, and your quick entry database is in order, you can scan the barcode on the bulk bottle to retrieve the correct label. Thus minimizing your packaging errors.
Otherwise, you can select "generic", and type in the generic name, then click the Retrieve button, OR
Double click the label name.


To exit the list without retrieving a label, click Cancel.


To edit the quick entry database

Select File | Edit | Quick entries from the menu bar.
See the Quick entry database help topic for more information
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