Menu functions

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Click on the menu bar to access important program functions and help.

Keyboard shortcuts are also available for the more frequently used functions.


File menu


Keyboard shortcut (none)

Function: Move records to inactive database.


Repair maintenance

Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Function: Perform routine database maintenance function.

IMPORTANT: this should be performed at least monthly, as a routine preventative maintenance to prevent loss of data.


Edit lookup tables

Because these edit functions are so powerful, they are password protected.


Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Function: Add/edit/delete hospital areas.

Intervention codes

Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Function: Add/edit/delete intervention codes.


Keyboard shortcut:  (none)

Function: Add/edit/delete physicians.  This function allows you to manage physicians in the M.D. database


Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Function: Add/edit/delete users. This function allows you to manage those who are authorized to have access to the program.


Log out

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+O

Function:  Quickly log out without exiting the program.

This feature, along with a strict PC security policy will help you comply with HPIAA.



Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Function: Exit the RxInterventions© program


Reports menu


Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Function: Print tally report


Custom report

Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Function: Print custom report



Help menu


Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Function: Displays program version and email link to the author.


Check for updates

Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Function: Check for and download updates from the RxKinetics web site.


View help

Keyboard shortcut: Press the F1 to display a context-aware help topic.

Function: View the table of contents for this help file.




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